Q. How long will it take to edit my Article?

At Language Edit, we require about 3 days time to edit your manuscript on your approval. However, manuscripts are edited on a first-come, first-served basis. At a given point of time, there may be several manuscripts that need to be edited and our editors process these manuscripts depending on the date of receipt of the manuscript. Hence we commit a time frame of 5-10 business days.

Please bear with us and your patience will be rewarded with a professionally edited manuscript.

Q. I simply do not like the way my Article flows. Could your editors give me some constructive suggestions that will help improve the presentation of my manuscript?

At Language Edit we believe that Your manuscript strongly reflects your views and ideas on the subject. We appreciate all the hard work behind Your research endeavor. Therefore, our service is designed to ensure that English and scientific phrases in Your manuscript are accurate and precise for the reader to appreciate. Our Editors take utmost care to retain Your intended meaning.

Q. I have written a book in German (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.). Can you provide editing services?

No, sorry. Editors at Language Edit are equipped to work only in English.

Q. I trust your editor. Can I simply accept all changes to save time?

Yes, You can, but we don't encourage it. Although our editors are very skilled, it is better that you cross-check the edited manuscript to ensure that the edits retain your intended meaning.

Q. Is word count the number of total words or just the words edited?

Word count is the number of words your editor will read. If there are portions you don't want read/edited, remove those portions from the file that you send to the editor.

Q. What are my payment options?

You can pay online through our PayPal account once the estimate is approved. You can also send a cheque in favour of DiacriTech, on clearance the manuscript will be taken for processing.

Q. Can you guarantee that my edited manuscript will be accepted by an agent or publisher?

Although Editor(s) at Language Edit will help improve the presentation of Your manuscript and ensure that it is error-free, representation or publication cannot be guaranteed.



In order to find a suitable environment to mitigate pressure; they should leave the crossing place of highway immediately and have no time to be familiar with the surrounding, which leading passages in this place could not be using.

To find a suitable environment to mitigate pressure, the animals have to immediately leave the place at which they cross the highway and therefore have no time to familiarize themselves with the surroundings, resulting in underutilization of the passages