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LaTeX facilitates the creation of precisely format scientific manuscripts, but a LaTeX document in its raw form may not be directly suited for publication in high impact factor journals. To make it publication-ready, it needs to be finessed with a round of grammar and style checking. This is where, LanguageEdit can help. In addition to correcting grammatical errors, we also make formatting recommendations based on targeted journal. We also take the process one step further by having your subject-specific terminology checked by certified subject-area experts. To make it easier, changes can be incorporated directly to the source document (LaTeX format).We provide standard or fast-track turnarounds services based on specific needs in LaTeX language editing services.


The traveling disturbance intensity division is basically away from the traveling line the far and near. Different distance reflection traveling activity human disturbance intensity is different, distance is nearer, the disturbance is bigger, distance is farther, the disturbance is smaller.

The intensity of the traveling disturbance can be divided by the distance of the traveling routes. Different distance reflects different intensities of the human disturbance caused by traveling activities; the shorter the distance, the stronger the disturbance, and the longer the distance, the weaker the disturbance.


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