STM Editing and Proofreading services

The Next Big Step after hard work and research is creating a first draft of research paper and making it suitable for publication. This is the most rewarding aspect of work and ensures that the world does not remain oblivious to great work and findings. A jumpstart for researchers seeking publication in international journals is to have their work present in correct scientific English by editors at Language Edit.

The key to successful communication is correct language and style

No paper is perfect; but correct language and style is the stepping stone to increase chances of publication. We make sure that the manuscript is presented using the language of the genre and correct style. Correct language will help to enhance the clarity of explanation, the rationality of the line of reasoning and aid in creating an overall positive impression.

Checking references for accuracy, style, and formatting

It is not uncommon for researchers to refer other published work and extrapolate their findings. We check that these sources of information are properly cited and listed in the references section. This is to give due credit to the original author, to allow readers easy access to further study of cited works and most important to avoid plagiarism. We also format references in the latest version of available style guide.

Including technical illustrations and artwork in medical and scientific publications

Apart from the technical content, let’s not forget the other aspects which are equally important. Like giving illustrations due attention, adjusting the resolution, color, size of your artwork to ensure adherence to journal standards etc.

Achieving better visibility

Leveraging diverse experience and expertise of proficient specialist editors from various scientific disciplines can help to fine tune your academic work and reach out to potential audiences as never before.

Our team of experienced editors with relevant subject matter expertise can make the process of preparing and submitting a STM manuscript so much easier. Try any of our editing services for realizing better research outcomes!


Can you guarantee that my edited manuscript will be accepted by an agent or publisher?
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Every document is unique in its own way. For certain documents only few changes may have to be done whereas in some other cases a complete re-phrasing may be required. Whatever change it may be, Language edit charges are reasonable and fixed.